School of Computing and Informatics

The School of Computing and Informatics was established under the college of engineering and technology in 2016. The school have two programs one of which is Computer Science undergraduate program and the other is Computer Science and Networking postgraduate program.The school has a governing body which is called the School Committee (SC). Under the school there are three administrative positions namely, the school Dean, school program manager and program chairs.


The vision of the school of Computing and Informatics is to be a leading academic wing in the provision of quality education in Computer Science at undergraduate and Computer Networking at graduate levels, and to be a center for the advancement of Computer Science and Networking research, innovation, and dissemination of valuable.


The School’s missions are to:

  • Provide quality undergraduate and graduate education within the rapidly evolving areas of Computer Science and Computer Networking;
  • Conduct research in Computer Science and Networking and its related areas;
  • Provide professional services to the community in the field of Computer Science and Networking.


The School values include:

  • Group-work, social-interaction and cooperative spirit between and within instructors and students;
  • Attaining the highest recognition in teaching and research in Computer Science and Networking;
  • Academic honesty and respect for others as well as democratic and participatory methods of decision-making;
  • The highest ethical and professional standards;
  • Providing quality education in an equitable and accessible manner.
  • Providing community services to the community in need.