Dilla University Cultural Center

The office of Cultural Center was established in 2015, with the aim to promote the diversified culture of Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia. The center use music, theater, dance, paints other artifacts as a tool to promote cultures.

Major activities of the office are;

  • Conducting training and research activities related with culture.
  • Providing museum service
  • raising the awareness of the University community on culture issues within the University in collaboration with other offices
  • establishing linkage with national and international governmental or non-governmental stakeholders working on culture issues
  • initiating and/or strengthen services to individuals/students with special talents
  • Creating networking with other similar offices in higher education institutions for experience sharing and other collaborative initiatives; and others.

All who are interested are welcome to join our office and promote cultures of different ethnic groups and support the success of our goal.

Accountability: The Cultural Center is accountable to the President’s Office.


Office Phone: +251-463314221

Director Mobile: +251-11838438

Zelalem Abebe (PhD)

Office location: Oday’a Campus, Culture center Buliding, Ground Floor.