HIV/AIDS prevention and controlling Directorate

Overview of the Directorate office

The office of HIV/AIDS prevention and controlling Directorate was established in 2010, with the aim to control and prevent the distribution of HIV/AIDS and to raise the awareness about HIV among Dilla University community.

Major activities of the office are;

  • Supporting HIV/AIDS victims and their families.
  • identifying challenges faced by students of the University issues related with HIV/AIDS and providing solution
  • following-up and coordinating supports provided to students by the University and other stakeholders
  • raising the awareness of the University community on existing HIV/AIDS issues within the University in collaboration with other offices
  • establishing linkage with national and international governmental or non-governmental stakeholders working on HIV/AIDS issues
  • initiating and/or strengthen services to groups with special needs
  • Creating networking with other similar offices in higher education institutions for experience sharing and other collaborative initiatives; and others.

Accountability: The office of HIV/AIDS prevention and controlling Directorate accountable to the President’s Office.


Director Mobile:+251-983645445

Desta Ajula (Acting Director)