Incubation centers

Botanical garden and eco-tourism Dilla University Botanical and ecotourism garden was established in May 2017 for the purpose of conservation, education, research and ecotourism. It has been established with the vision of establishing internationally renowned botanical and ecotourism garden, witnessing the flora and heritage richness of Ethiopia and attesting the fact that the country is center of origin for many economic and medicinal plants and patrimonies. The mission of the garden is to rescue threatened flora from extinction, contribute towards conservation and research on biodiversity and sustainable education as well as ecotourism development. Ethiopia is one of the eight major Vavilov centers of crop and wild genetic diversity and it is one of the most diverse floristic regions in the world and the fifth largest floral diversity in tropical Africa. Today these biologically rich resources of the country are vanishing at an alarming rate. Therefore, Dilla University has established the botanical and eco-tourism garden with the rationale of collecting, conserving, characterizing and promoting these resources