Dilla University Strengthens Women's Participation in Research and Leadership

D.U: March 25, 2023 (P.I.R.): Dilla University, Research and Dissemination Directorate, in collaboration with the NORHED ll ReRED project, held a discussion aimed at increasing the integrated research and leadership capacity of women academicians.
At the public lecture, Professor Alison Brown from Cardiff University, England, presented a public lecture titled "Enhancing Women's Participation in Collaborative Research and Academic Leadership."
In her presentation, the professor shared the experiences and knowledge she has gathered in her life and career field with the participants of the discussion.
Dereje Kiflie (PhD), the Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer at Dilla University, said that one of the missions of the University is to produce qualified and competent professionals in "applied" science fields as the new education policy of Ethiopia directed.
In order to achieve this goal, Dr. Derje said that great efforts are being made to create an enabling environment for female academicians to contribute their role in research and a academic leadership.
Mr. Ashenafi Asrat, research capacity building and development coordinator at the Directorate of Research and Dissemination, said, "In the past, in cooperation with the University of Norway, there have been works done in the first round of the project to increase the participation and competence of female researchers."
He stated that the successes and opportunities obtained from the first round, as well as the challenges faced, were discussed based on the observations presented by the coordinators assigned to each college.
Mr. Ashenafi mentioned that it is a discussion aimed to address the limitations that have been identified in the discussions and setting a direction.
The Director of Women, Children and Youth Directorate Office of the university, Mrs. Alemithu Birhanu, said that the number of female teachers involved in research and academic leadreship is low compared to male teachers.
Therefore, Mrs. Alemitu stated that promising work is being done by the relevant stakeholders to alleviate the problem.
On the other hand, the coordinator of the "NORHED ll ReRED" project, Mr. Gezahegn Kebede; remembered that there were discussions on the results gained in the first phase of the project.
He said that based on the findings reported by the coordinators assigned to each college, the stakeholders discussed ways to improve the weaknesses and enhance the positive outcomes.
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