Seminar held on studying Ethiopian Languages and Cultures

DU: July 6, 2023 (P.I.R.): a discussion forum on Ethiopian languages and culture held as part of the partnership between Dilla University and the Turin University of Italy.
The Seminar is organised by the Dilla University Research and Technology Transfer Vice President Office in collaboration with the Institute of Indigenous Studies, and the opening paper, "Why to do Research in Ethiopian Languages and Cultures: A Few Interesting Features," was presented by Professor Mauro Tosco from the University of Turin.
At the opening of the Seminar, the Director and Researcher of the Institute of Indigenous Studies at Dilla University, Mr. Tesfatsion Petros, said that this seminar was organised as a bilateral agreement between Dilla University and the University of Turin.
According to the agreement, six PhD Candidates had previously gone to the University of Turin and were taking courses under the Student-Staff exchange programme. In addition, Mr. Tesfastion added that two Institute researchers and the university's vice president of research and technology transfer stayed for fifteen days at the University of Turin for experience sharing.
Mr. Tesfatsion points out that there are many languages, cultures, and practises in Ethiopia and says that studying culture, traditions, and languages in a scientific way is very helpful to promote the knowledge, language, and culture of the Community. He noted that the study of language and culture is a forum for discussion aimed at demonstrating its value to society and researchers.
Misganu Legesse (PhD), Delegate of Research and Dissemination Director of Dilla University, said that the seminar was organised based on the collaboration between Dilla University and the University of Turin and that the symposium happens because Ethiopia, as a country of diverse languages and cultures, desires more research on the implications of the languages.
Dr. Misganu added that by strengthening the relations between the two universities and designing joint projects in research, efforts are being made to create multidisciplinary relationships through the exchange of student-staff experiences.
Mauro Tosco, a Linguistics Professor at the University of Turin, has done many studies in various languages, especially the southern Ethiopian languages, has been living in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa for a long time, and has written several books, according to Forum.
The Professor presented his experience and knowledge in linguistics and research. Through the forum, questions and comments are raised, and fruitful discussions follow.
In the summing-up remark, Habtamu Temesegen (PhD), the Vice President of Dilla University Research and Technology Transfer, mentioned that this collaborative platform would empower teachers and researchers and provide an opportunity to create cooperation, saying that when we get such academic platforms, we should use them freely and appropriately. He conveyed his message.
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