Discussion held on the Dilla-Turin Universities scientific and Academic cooperation

DU: July 12, 2023 (P.I.R.): Dilla University Research and Technology Transfer Vice President Office and the Institute of Indigenous Studies, in collaboration with the University of Turin, organised a discussion on the current status of cooperation between the two universities.
During the discussion, the experiences gained from the cooperation of the two universities are discussed. Dilla University has been collaborating with the University of Turin on research, "staff-student" exchange, and other academic issues.
Misganu Legesse (PhD), delegate of the Research and Dissemination Directorate at Dilla University, opened the forum by welcoming participants, including Professor Mauro Tosco from the University of Turin and his colleagues who attended the conference virtually via ZOOM from Italy, as well as senior executives and participating researchers from Dilla University.
In his opening remarks, Dr. Misganu highlighted the importance of cooperation and partnership. He noted that the relations between the universities of Dilla and Turin, which started a few years ago, are rising to an upper level, and as an example, the growing relationship and partnership through the Institute of Indigenous Studies is widening to the university level.
He noted that it is a platform aimed at further strengthening partnerships in areas such as agriculture, which is the focus of Dilla University.
Chirotaw Ayele (PhD), President of Dilla University, said that the platform is crucial to strengthening the connection that we have already started with the University of Turin. In his speech, Dr. Chirotaw pointed out that the area where Dilla University is located is the birthplace of Yirga-cheffe coffee, which is known nationally and internationally for its organic coffee production; good processes are underway to register Gedeo heritage and agroforestry with UNESCO.
The President also explained that this local ecosystem is composed of diverse plants, which creates a favourable environment for research. He added that the university would like to establish strong ties and cooperation, especially in the agriculture, which is the focus of the university.
Habtamu Temesegen (PhD), Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer at Dilla University, gives an insightful explanation of what Dilla University's development stage looks like from the establishment. In addition, he explained the potential of the university in terms of learning, teaching, research, community service, and partnership areas.
He said that we would like to take research to an enhanced level, taking into account the focus areas of the university: agriculture, natural resource management, health, and education.
Professor Mauro Tosco, from the University of Turin, College of Humanities, said that his university had started a partnership with Dilla University years ago, and six PhD Candidates from Dilla University are attending their courses in the framework of the" Student-Staff Exchange" at the University of Turin.
The Professor added that in order to strengthen this relationship, in addition to" student-staff" exchanges, it is essential to create a process that can be extended to other big projects and research in various graduate schools.
Mr. Tesfatsion Petros, on his part, Director and Researcher at the Institute of Indigenous Studies at Dilla University, told us that there was a big objective of broadening the relations between the two universities at the university level and that after various discussions with the President and other executives of the University, it was a platform designed to create an institutional relationship.
Expanding this relationship and promoting the fact that Dilla University has a wide work potential goes beyond working together; it also "helps the process of internationalisation of our University", said Mr. Tesfatsion.
Prof. Alfredo Pauciullo from the University of Turin, faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food Science, and President of the Partnership Committee, and Manuela Ciarrochi from the International Relations of the university, who attended the forum virtually from Italy, said that this discussion will allow for a well-built partnership with various academic departments.
Experts and researchers from various academic departments of Dilla University commented on which focus areas would be feasible for working on collaboration.
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