Dilla University staff members attend a project meeting with UiT, the Arctic University of Norway

DU: September 19, 2023 (P.I.R.): As part of the staff-exchange program of the NORPART Project, won by Dilla University and UiT, five staff members of Dilla University have been in Tromso for a week. They have also held successful project meetings, seminars, and guest lectures with the UiT staff.

 Staff members from the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, the Institute of Indigenous Studies, and the School of Law have traveled to Tromso, Norway, for the exchange program. During their stay at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway, the DU staff members gave an open guest lecture to the staff and students of both the Sami Center and Peace Center on the topic "Indigenous Conflict Management Practices and Institutions at Local Level in Ethiopia: The Case of the Songo of Gedeo". A project seminar that focuses on the current status of the project and future plans has also been held between the staff members of the two collaborating institutions. It is discussed about the upcoming student mobility and how to make the project-ending conference. A discussion has also been held with the DU exchange students who are attending their autumn semester at UiT, both in the Sami and Peace Centers. During such a meeting, issues such as academic and life challenges the exchange students have faced so far and the possible cope-up mechanisms they should be following were addressed. As the staff members who are managing the project from Dilla University said, so far, more than 20 students from DU have benefited from this exchange program, and a few more will be nominated in the coming semesters.                  

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