Educational Research Center

Center for Educational Studies and Research: Its Message and Rationale

In the era of knowledge economy, universities are expected to conduct scientifically viable and practically feasible researches, which are usually taken as their second mission next to their human capital development roles. Cognizant of this, our university took prime initiative by establishing different research institutes and centers, which are hierarchically responsible to the office of Research and Technology Transfer Vice President (R/T/T), of which, the Center for Educational Studies and Research is one. As a part and parcel of this huge endeavor, the center was established in 2014 to organize, support, consult and disseminate various research outputs for decision makers and contribute its level best to the international community through knowledge production and dissemination.

Concomitant with our University’s vision, the center aspires to be one of the leading education centers in the horn of Africa by 2025, through rigorous engagement in capacity building training, researches and technology transfer activities so as to solve multi-faceted educational ailments of our country and to remain competitive in global arena.

Using this vision as a guiding star, the center strives to support and conduct researches that could solve societal problems at different echelons of the education system of the country. In addition, it provides strong input for the education and training policy of our country by identifying gaps and designing strategies through which access, quality, equity, efficiency and relevance related issues could successfully be bridged.

Currently, the center is vigorously working in capacitating researchers through training in the field of education, arrange forums for academic discourses, organize research conferences and publishing research outputs. In the future, the center is committed to create strong partnership with national and international institutions that makes our university more visible. On this spot, the center warmly welcomes those who are interested to work with our center specifically and our university in general.

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