Food and Nutrition Research Center

Food and Nutrition

Dilla University Center for Food and Nutrition has been established with the mission of doing research, advocacy and training to advance understanding of the role of food and nutrition in improving livelihood of the community. It is also dedicated to mitigate the challenges that prohibit attaining food security. By carrying out rigorous researches on food and nutrition, the center aspires to be among the leading research and training institutes in food and nutrition in Sub- Sahara Africa by 2030.

The significance of nutrition in socio-economic development and wellbeing of human beings has gained attention at national and regional levels. The government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has developed food and nutrition policy document with various actions that endeavor the realization of optimal nutritional status for all Ethiopians. To play an active role in the realization of the national agenda, Food and nutrition research center was established at Dilla University in 2017 G.C.

Currently the Center runs researches worth more than 500,000 ETB and researchers from various disciplines are being actively involved and the issue of nutrition is becoming the common agenda of both junior and senior researchers of the university.

 The center is engaged in organizing training, seminar, workshop and consultancy services. By doing so, I believe we will address a wide variety of issues pertaining to nutritional problems with the help of our staffs and multi-sectoral stakeholders working in the country and abroad. Finally I would like to invite all stakeholders and interested parties to work with us together to realize sustainable nutrition for our community and the world at large.

ROBEL HUSSEN (MSc in Human Nutrition)
Director, Food and Nutrition Research Center
Office Tel: +251461315531
Mobile: +251913575702