Energy and Environment Research Center

 Energy and Environment Research center

Energy is the key input for the socio- economic development which improves the quality of human life in any country. The rapid industrialization and development resulting in ever increasing demand for energy for which the fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas have been over exploited worldwide in an unsustainable manner. This has resulted in serious environmental concerns of Global Warming and Climate Change. Energy and Environment are essential for the sustainable development as the environmental degradation and lack of access to clean energy affects the pace of development. Renewable Energy Sources offer key solutions to the current challenges facing the world.  The current use of renewable energy, however, is still limited in spite of its vast potential.

In order to address these issues, Energy & Environment Research Center has been established in Dilla University with the rationale of achieving the demand for high quality and efficient energy production which is achievable through research and development in renewable energy sector. The center also aims to address the rising cost of petroleum which calls for applied research in alternative fuels, adaptation of biofuels technologies, assembling of small scale biofuel production system and pilot production, characterization of biofuels and identification of performance and operational problems of vehicles that run with biofuels. Identifying energy resources and their national utilization require continuous research if long term energy needs of the country are to be met in a cost effective manner. Protecting the environment is now a question of life or death and it urges professionals to carryout research in renewable energy sources. The center for energy and environment strives to produce environmentally friendly and more efficient energy. Moreover, it aims to generate new knowledge on energy and environment for better life of the society and create international links for better quality research and training. Taking the aforementioned issues into account, DU’s center for Energy and Environment has the Vision of being one of the five premier energy and environment research centers in Ethiopia by 2025.

Currently the Center is working on Organic and environmental friendly farming, energy efficient preparation of card board, Acid soil reclamation, waste to resource issues, solid waste management, bioactive compound extraction from indigenous plants to substitute chemicals used for leather processing, Enteric ruminal methane reduction, biodiseal production and characterization, Production of ( Link)

  • Extraction of Bio-Ethanol from municipal and Agricultural Wastes
  • Enteric Ruminal Methane Reduction Potential of Some Indigenous Multipurpose Browse Trees in Selected Zones of Southern Ethiopia.
  • Production and Characterization of Bio-diesel from Euphorbia Tirucalli  and related Plants in Dilla, Ethiopia
  • Production of Biogas and Bioslurry from organic solid waste of Dilla University
  • Assessment of Healthcare Waste Composition and Generation Rate in Government Hospitals in Gedeo Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia.
  • Extraction, Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds from fruit of Lagenaria abyssinica plant through bioassay.
  • Effect of application of lime vermicompost on potato yield and selective soil physicochemical properties on acidic soil of Bule district
  • Utilization of brewery sludge as a soil conditioner for growth of carrot (Daucus carota) and its influence on soil and plant heavy metal accumulation at Dilla University garden.
  • GIS Based assessment and mapping of potential sites for small scale hydropower in Gedabo river catchment.
  • Acid soil reclamation
  • Development and characterization of false banana (Enset) fiber composite material.
  • Forest protection and re-afforestation and alternative livelihoods in highly vulnerable woreda.
Contact address: Achenef Tigabu (PhD) center director
                          Telephone: 0947200481
                          Mr. Workineh Mengesha  Center vice director
                          Telephone: 0913159617