Dilla University won a four-year Volkswagen’s foundation project in collaboration with Bonn and Kenyatta Universities

Dilla University (DU) July 20, 2021, Public and International Relations Directorate, in an effort to secure and preserve Local Dynamics and Integration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Outstanding Universal Value, Volkswagen foundation supports scientific projects of the University of Bonn in Africa and the Amazon region.
This project aims at local changes and the future of cultural landscapes in Africa, studies of the Konso Cultural Landscape in Ethiopia and the Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests in Kenya, the research incorporates how human-environment relationships have changed in UNESCO-listed cultural landscapes in cooperation with African scientific partners. The foundation works in collaboration with Bonn University, Germany, Dilla University, Ethiopia and Kenyatta University, Kenya.
Girma Kelboro Mensuro (PhD) (University Bonn, Germany), Abiyot Legesse (PhD) (Dilla University, Ethiopia), Eric Kioko (PhD) (Kenyatta University, Kenya) and Asebe Regasa (PhD), former Dilla University lecturer and researcher currently working in (Zurich University, Switzerland) are members of this project.
Abiyot Legese (PhD), Coordinator of this project in Ethiopia, Ass. Professor and researcher of Dilla University said that the project will last for the coming four-years and areas that are registered as international heritage Konso, Ethiopia and Sacard Miljaks, Kenya are the targets under this project.
The project, will receive nearly 1.5 million euros (77 million Ethiopian Birr) in funding over the next four years. The funding will enable collaboration between researchers in Ethiopia, Kenya and Germany, as well as exchanges with communities, experts and policy makers.
Abiyot Legese (PhD), further noted that this huge project stimulate academic staffs and other researchers to engage in research and help them contribute their part in realizing the vision of the University, to be one of the competent universities in East Africa.
Dilla University would like to congratulate all the partakers and DU community for this marvelous achievement and affirm its dedication to put up its part until the completion of the project.