Dilla University Signs MoU with Spanish OMF Surgery and Pathology Team

Dilla University (DU) August 24, 2021, Public and International Relations Directorate, Memorandum of understanding signed between Dilla University and Spanish OMF Surgery and Pathology Team for three-year contract on mutually beneficial areas of cooperation.
In his welcoming speech, Vice President of Administration and Student Affairs and Representative of the President Dawit Hayeso (PhD), welcomed the guests from University of Madrid, Spain (Dr. Jorge Cano and Dr. Julian Campo) to the University. A great deal of work has been done to reach out to the local community with the utmost diligence and commitment to provide the University with access to medical services that are not available in the country. He also emphasized that Health related cooperation are vital and the University is always committed to work together with respected concerned bodies.
Dr. Selamwit Ayele, Vice President of Dilla University College of Medicine and Health Sciences and Referral Hospital, on her part said the three-year based agreement is aimed at developing a collaborative platform for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical and Pathological activity at Dilla University in collaboration with the CMHS (College of Medicine and Health Science) adding that any citizen could get this medical service for free. Furthermore, the agreement further entails a strong support for further link via putative clinical activity, research, capacity building and parallel academic cooperation among parties.
The delegation team coordinator and Physician from University of Madrid, Spain Dr. Jorge Cano, thanked the University Administration and briefed on the areas and scope of application that includes joint research activities on areas of mutual interest, organizing seminars, workshops, symposium, academic meetings, exchange of facilities and equipment, organizing short, middle and long-term trainings, improving the quality of and sustainability of patient management, encouraging and promoting innovations, technology transfer and other related clinical and academic collaborations are amalgamated