Dilla University receives educational simulator and machine donations

DU: Nov. 23, 2022 (P.I.R) Dilla University's College of Medical and Health Sciences received educational simulators and machine donations from Health Professional Education Partnership Initiative for its skill improvement center for medical students.
The surgical specialist and Health Professional Education Initiative coordinator at Dilla Center, Dr. Tesfaw Bekele, received the donations and submitted them to the skill hub coordinator. The donation includes dolls and machines with simulation equipment.
Dr. Nicole Shilkofski, Associate Professor of Paediatrics and Vice Chair of Training and Education at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, presented the donation.
Dr. Tesfaw said that the donated supplies are greatly supportive for the students' skill-based training before they get into real patients. He added that the program is to facilitate how medical students from different streams can work together with one patient.
This project has been running for four years and has one more year left; Dr. Tesfaw also remarked that they are trying to extend the partnership to other related focus areas by incorporating more researchers.
Dr. Nicole Shilkofski, associate professor of paediatrics and vice chair of training and education at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said to the PR's reporter—
"The ultimate goal of the donation is to allow students to practice procedural skills, communication techniques, and other outcomes associated with simulation-based medical education that eventually improve patient care and safety.”
Therefore, some donated machines intend to be used to train skills related to CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), a basic life support skill for both children and adults when they have cardiac arrest. Also, machines are donated for the specific care of women by midwives, she added.
Dr. Nicole expressed her expectations for outcomes: "This longitudinal partnership and a collaborative endeavour that lasts for many years will improve the care of patients in the region and throughout Ethiopia."
Mr. Zerihun Birhanu, Academic Affairs Vice Director, said that the donation will help the college to improve the teaching and learning processes by filling the gaps in skill-based training limitations due to simulator and machine shortages.
Whereas, Mr. Tsedeke Assefa, Skill Hub Coordinator, said: "Such donations will help to bear students who are capable and skilled from the institution." He also explained that the students can be more confident when they communicate with patients in their real work places.